Sunday, 15 August 2010

My Sunshine

This is my beautiful little girl... 21 years ago now tho :( but we always sing why do u build me up buttercup to each other, and she is just my little ray of sunshine and always makes me smile and i love her very very much ......

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Ok so this is the situation...... I have a lovely spare bedroom which used to be my craft room and all mine!!!! i changed it into a bedroom as i felt it looked better and nicer and i could cope with it more, with this stupid ocd anything that is easier for me is the best option.. however mum has kind of talked me into getting it back to a craft room so i have my own space again and as i am trying to make more time for crafting again as part of controlling my ocd and i have joined the fabulous TUESDAY TAGGERS i am thinking about doing it, i think my lovely husband doesnt know what the heck will be done next in the house with me around and has just given up!!!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly welcomed....... :)